Crafted meal to help you consume less calories than your body burns per day. Designed for people who want to lose weight 4-6 kg per month, depending on motivation and amount of physical activity.

You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right. This meal plan makes you feel full and satisfied without any guilt.

Calories: Less than 400

6 (1)

A low-carb diet limits carbohydrates. It focuses on proteins (including meat, poultry, fish, eggs) also vegetables.

Two main forms of carbs are sugar & starches. When you avoid sugar and starches, your blood sugar stabilizes and the levels of insulin, the fat-storing hormone, drop. This increases fat burning and makes you feel more satiated.

Instead, you´ll eat delicious real foods! And this program designed for weight loss about 4-6 kg per month.

Calories: Less than 350

Designed to fuel your busy activities and intensive workout regime.

High Calorie and protein for determined professionals aiming to gain mass. Contain high protein and both complex and simple carbohydrates.

Eating the wrong foods won’t get you the muscular lean body you crave. Healthy bulking is all about eating an excess of quality food sources that will minimize fat gain, maximize muscle growth, and keep your joints, hearth, and metabolism functioning in top shape.

Calories: More than 700


How it works? A hydraulic press crushes and the presses the fruits and vegetables. Then the juice is bottles and sealed. Done.

URBANHEALTH Cold Pressed Juice are pure; we don´t further process or pasteurize and we never add anything- no water, no sugar, no preservatives, no colors, no flavors.

With so many people on the go nowadays, picking up a cold-pressed juice is a quick and easy way to add more fruits and vegetables into your life while reaping the benefits and rewards.

Put your diet on autopilot, and start feeling amazing.


We promise a tasty, worry-free, and healthy future for you.