URBANHEALTH aims to deliver healthy food based on nutritionist
designed meal plan & prepared by professional chefs from five-stars hotel in Jakarta.

Meal Plans Made Just For You


Our nutritionists offer custom-tailored meal plans to

help you achieve your personal goals.

Six-Pack Abs

Weight Loss (Flexible)

Weight Loss (No Carbs)

Cold Pressed Juice (Add-ons)

Food that you can simply eat every day

Our menu inspired by you! We know your busy life and we try to provide delicious food that you can simply eat everyday.

Healthy and Delicious

We are trying to prove that a healthy food can also be delicious. Crafted from the highest-quality ingredients, we are willing to serve the best food for your diet.

Seamless Delivery

Make your life easier with UrbanHealth, just few clicks away. Just relax and carry on until we contact you. Meals are delivered to you in a tick.

Timing is Everything

We believe that having time management of food intake influences the success of a weight-loss diet. So, we will time your meal for optimize weight loss.

How it Works

Choose your package

We provide packages for your diet and healthy food. Simply choose the package that you love the best.

We will notify you when it’s time

We will prepare the best food for you, you no longer need to bother to prepare your healthy meals, leave it to us, and let us pleased you. We will safely sent it to you.

Sit back and enjoy

And try to relax, all you need to do with your hands is heat up your meal and operate the fork.

Don’t Forget to Workout

Let’s work together for your body goals, so don’t forget to work out!

We Strive For High Standards


Just like you do

Organic Vegetables

Australian Beef

Boneless Skinless Chicken

Less Oil & Less Calorie

Air Deep Fryer for Frying

Non - MSG & Less Salt